Feynman FKM Rubber Strap - 20/20mm

Sale priceSGD$128.00

Choose between Brown or Green options.

Straps complete the watch. We have developed a FKM-grade fluoroelastomer rubber strap which features a mid-line adorn depicting a wave pattern

FKM rubber was chosen for having superior performance in extreme temperatures (–40 °C to +225 °C), high chemical stability, resistance to aging and weather. It is also immune to static. 

Most importantly, the FKM straps wear extremely comfortably on all wrists, and less likely to trigger allergic reactions when compared to natural rubber.

Suitable for all non-integrated cases with regular lugs and a 20mm lug width.

Each strap comes with a free Feynman-branded buckle. Feel free to swop it out for any 20mm buckle of your own.
Colour: Green