"Like an Eclipse, the Feynman One utilises the absence of details, to highlight the significant ones. The juxtaposition of empty space and texture/details has been a challenge during the design of the model, and we feel that the Eclipse is a befitting name in commemoration to that effort." - YK, Founder, Feynman Timekeepers

Since the launch of the first Feynman One collection, blue has been the highest requested dial from our supporters and friends. It took us a while to find the perfect shade of blue; one that is vibrant in the day, and mysteriously dark in the evening.

With the Eclipse, we have achieved just that: a dark indigo blue which looks equally good indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the Eclipse, we are also presenting two final colour variants: the "Wine", as well as the Retailer's Exclusive: "Olive"

The Feynman One "Wine" is designed to stand out from the rest of the collection, or rather, from any collection.

Paired with radiant red lizard leather straps, the Feynman One "Wine" will definitely be a hit with those looking for a dash of colour on their wrists.

The final addition, which will close off the Feynman One collection perpertually, is the "Olive". A different look from every other One model thus far, it features a grey center dial.

The Feynman One "Olive" is a Retailer's Exclusive, limited-edition of 30 pieces, and is only available for pre-order through our Authorised Retailers:

- Watch Wonderland (SG)
- Stitches & Buckles (SG)
- The Watchdrobe (HK)

The new additions are now available for pre-order, with fulfilment slated for end October 2019. Limited quantities of each variant will be produced, and never repeated. Kindly make your pre-order deposits through the product pages below.

Should you have enquiries, or require any further clarification, do drop us an e-mail at

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