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Presenting the "Hog & Lanterns". Created in collaboration with famed engraver Stefan Vinogradov, this design represents Feynman Timekeepers' first effort in customised pieces.

Stefan is just 31 years of age, but has spent more than half his life working on jewellery and engraving since the tender age of 14. Since graduating from Moscow's Carl Fabergé College, he narrowed his focus to the world of watch engraving, and has since won collectors world-wide with his custom creations.

As with every piece he creates, the Feynman One "Hog & Lanterns" has a narrative beyond just aesthetics. The hog on the balance bridge, framed by red enamel, is Feynman Founder YK's personal Chinese Zodiac, and 2019 is the year of the hog. This year has been critical for the brand's growth, and this is marked by Chinese Sky Lanterns, which are symbols of prosperity and good luck. The flying lanterns also symbolise the brand's desire to reach watch collectors all over the world.

The Pagodas in the background are traditionally built to house sacred relics, and the combination with the lanterns on the train wheel bridge mark the transit of our watches to private collections of watch enthusiasts around the globe.

The "Hog & Lanterns" is available by commission only, and configurable with any Feynman One model currently available in stock. Kindly send us a message at passion@feynman.watch to enquire.

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