Our Straps

Feynman is honoured to work alongside Yi Leather Co, as our official strap partner. Shuyi, the founder of Yi Leather Co, has had an extensive career in the watch industry over the past decade, venturing out on her own to start Yi Leather Co in 2012. Since then, she has found favor and friends within the Singaporean watch-collecting community.

Shuyi believes in crafting each strap with attention towards the raw material. Each strap is designed, cut, and stitched with the leather grain and scales in mind.

For Feynman Watches, we have collectively decided to work with Lizard Leather, a sustainable form of material cherished for its exquisite sheen and texture. The use of lizard leather has died down over the decades, and it is our intent to revive interest in this canvas. 

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All Feynman YK-1 watches are shipped with a set of Genuine Lizard Belly straps. The belly leather is sought after for its larger and more even scales, which sets a vintage aesthetic.


Raw pieces of leather are selected with the following criteria in mind
- Even thickness of leather
- No natural scars or glaring imperfections 
- Visually pleasing and proportionate scales

Shuyi first studies each raw piece of leather, identifying minor imperfections and marking out where the straps are to be cut.

Knife is put to leather, and straps are cut out by hand using a stencil. The cut edges are inspected for evenness.

An identical piece of nubuck leather is cut for the backing. 
The stitching holes are marked out using a bore.