The Feynman One "Olive" is a retailer exclusive, and is only available through our authorised dealers:

- Hong Kong: The Watchdrobe
- Singapore: Watch Wonderland 
- Singapore: Stitches & Buckles

Contact your favourite retailer to find out more.

This is a one-time limited production, and will not be repeated once sold out.

Variant Details:
- Silver Steel Hands
- Dark Grey Center Dial
- Silver Pinion Cap
- Olive "XII" and "VI" Rehaut indices
- Olive-green Lizard Straps

Note: The shade of olive on the dial varies in appearance under different lighting. Caseback engraving may differ slightly according to each model. Strap colours may also differ.

Retailer's Exclusive: Feynman One

Retailer's Exclusive: Feynman One "Olive" - Order at retailers website below